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The Wireless Registry

The Wireless Registry is building a large enterprise platform that will power the Internet of Things. Building upon a substantial patent portfolio, The Wireless Registry will market mobile tracking and analytics capabilities to enterprise customers and developers.

FasterAgile worked with The Wireless Registry to determine the personas of users interacting with their service, and develop a strategy for them to interact with The Wireless Registry’s offerings through a mobile experience.


Allovue empowers schools and school districts to assess budgetary needs, align spending priorities with goals, and allocate resources to achieve better outcomes for students and teachers. Using a prototype that we designed for the competition, we helped Allovue secure a large seed-funding round of financing from TEDCO and Dingman Angels. Feedback from the pilot and its strong demand, Allovue and FasterAgile rapidly pivoted the product and are building the next generation of school district financial management tools.

CO Everywhere

CO Everywhere was born when the BlockAvenue team realized that social media data, location, and mobile represented an untapped opportunity. Using the big-data platform built by BlockAvenue, the team built a location- aware mobile application that engages users who want to follow local events, deals, social media buzz, and venues.

FasterAgile built the backend that powers CO Everywhere, much of the mobile application, and the REST API that syndicates CO Everywhere content to partners.

Block Avenue

BlockAvenue is a big-data company focused on bringing to market the next social media feed that people will use to discover local content that interests them. It merges hundreds of millions of data points into a large backend geospatial database, then uses proprietary algorithms to surface relevant social content to users based on preference, location, participation, and engagement.

FasterAgile helped to bootstrap the company by building out the majority of the technical platform behind BlockAvenue, including the Backbone UI.


Detailed posts from expert developers

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Pete Jackson

Founder / Engineer

Peter Jackson is based out of Boston, MA, where he is responsible for delivering web and mobile applications to our clients. He has been making high-quality web and mobile-based software since 1995.

Pete has served as the CTO to a number of successful startups.

Jon Kinney


Jon is a full-stack developer based in De Pere, WI. Rails and Ember are his bread and butter and as a strong proponent of BDD, Jon uses an outside-in development approach to best serve our clients.

As an avid Vim user, when Jon isn't coding, he's tweaking his development setup.

Khristian Gaines

Software Journeyman

Khristian Gaines is full-stack developer based in Washington, DC where he is responsible for delivering web applications and technical consulting services to our clients.

He has been involved in all things web since 1995 as both a start-up veteran and a Big 5 consultant.

Hannah Zabarsky

Software Engineer

Hannah Zabarsky is a full stack developer based in Boston, MA. She is an Ember and Rails enthusiast with a passion for solving tricky puzzles and implementing beautiful designs.